What is PIXEL?

PIXEL connects people through their eyes. Peer into the PIXEL and invite others to experience what you see. The PIXEL exposes exactly what you are looking at by tracking your eye movements. Tethering multiple PIXELs together creates a personal and intimate visual connection.

How does PIXEL know
where I'm looking?

PIXEL uses a technology called eye tracking which allows a computer to track the movement of your pupil. This works by first shining Infrared light into your eye to increase the contrast of your pupil. A webcam records this information and sends it to software which tracks your pupil's position. This information is overlaid onto a second video feed of your visual field.

I want to know more...

Want to learn more about PIXEL, host PIXEL in your museum, or just want to say hello? Email mmiller001@uarts.edu or fill out this form.

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